Skiing and Snowboarding

During Deaf Snowcamp there is ample opportunity for skiing and snowboarding. We ensure that there are enough slopes for beginners and advanced skiers.

If there are enough beginners who want ski or snowboard lessons, we will also see if we can arrange a ski instructor and / or snowboard instructor.



Mountain biking, probably known by most. What we mainly do here is go up and down the mountain. On mountain trails and in the woods. We do this under supervision.


Or you can rent a mountain bike and explore the area for cycling. It depends on what you want.


The most important thing about these trips is that we all have fun and enjoy ourselves together.


We are going to do things together, skiing, snowboarding, canyoning, mountain biking, and many more other activities.

We will also eat out one or more times. And if you want you can also go out.

Via Ferrata

Via Feratta, also known as Klettersteig. Here you go climbing, walk bridges and you are always secured. So here you also get a climbing belt and you have guidance with it. So you don't fall from the mountain.


Also take a good look around you and you will certainly see a beautiful view.


Canyoning is a sport where you go down between 2 mountains where mostly water flows. The water comes from the mountains and is therefore cold. But don't worry you will get a wetsuit on. This way you stay nice and warm and of course you get a helmet and climbing belts.


We are then guided down. We can then climb, jump and slide into the water.

And much more

In addition, there are many other activities and / or opportunities to do. Swimming, playing games, going out.


It is also your vacation so do what you enjoy and also like to do!