Deaf Camps

For holidays with deaf people

Deaf Snowcamp

Next Deaf Snowcamp will be in 2020 in Val Thorens. From 15 february - 29 februari. You can choose out:
Early Bird: Sold Out!
1 week €250,-
2 weeks €500,-
For the people from The Netherlands, they can join the bus too to travel to Val Thorens. Bus: €200,-


Join too click here: Application form!
Meer info Facebook.

Deaf Summercamp

Next Deaf Summercamp has to be planned.
Last Summercamp has been gone 2019 at Lake of Geneva.

Last Camps

There have been a lot of Camps, and we are planning to plan a lot more.
Also we are planning to expand the holidays trips. So that there will a choice of trips.

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Alex Dillinger

Why I setup this?

Because I like to travel with multiple persons or groups. And also like to sport during my holidays. There was nothing special that already exist.


I decide to setup something for myself and invited several friends. They liked it too and so I have been expanding this for all people who would like to join these trips.


Also I like to organise things like this. And having a great time with all of you also for me it's important to have a holiday to but most of all for you it should also feel as a great holiday to spend time with each other. Sharing knowledge, learning knowing each other, enjoy discussions, fun and a lot more.


I hope, I can expand this for more than Deaf Snow and Deaf Summercamp and provide you also other trips and holidays. So this is on progress! :)

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Dave Willson

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Barbara Santa

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Deaf Snowcamp